Thank you for Being Willing to Donate to the Go Fish Academy!

Thank you for considering a donation to Go Fish Academy! We are introducing people of all ages to the sport of fishing and it has been a wonderful experience. Our local community has rallied around the Academy and we’ve had several people offer to make a donation so that we can continue to grow. Your cash and/or equipment donations help us in lots of powerful ways!

Happy Fishers who attended the Go Fish Academy – Look at their Great Catches!!!

Cash Donation

Cash donations allow us to provide scholarships to kids and families who otherwise would not be able to afford classes; and also give us an opportunity to grow the academy by adding new locations and more instructors.  You can make a cash donation directly through our web site by adding a dollar amount to your cart here:

Once you enter your amount and press the “Donate to Go Fish Academy” button, your donation amount will be added to your cart upon checkout.  Thanks again for your generosity!

Additional Information

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Equipment Donations

Equipment donations are incredibly meaningful too! We have shaken the dust off of many old rods, reels, and tackle boxes and have used them in our classes! We also participate in flea markets, festivals, and other community events where we can sell unused equipment in order to raise money for the academy.

We accept all types of rods and reels, tackle boxes, lures, bobbers, nets - anything that is related to fishing! So if you've got fishing equipment that you don't plan to use, consider completing the form below and we will reach out to you and arrange a pick-up or drop-off time! (Note: we are located in central Ohio, so equipment donations work best if you live reasonably close to the area.)