Want to Learn How to Fish?
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Fishing is a great hobby for all ages.
Go Fish Academy was formed to teach the basics of fishing to people of all ages. Whether you're new to fishing or want to move beyond catching blue gill with a hook & bobber, our classes are designed for you!

See the following list of our courses and add as many as you like, receiving a $5 discount per class when purchasing 4+. Some of our classes even come with a Reel Deel Guarantee – if you don’t catch a fish during this class, you’re next class is FREE!

Please note that for each child or adult, you’ll need to purchase an additional class spot.

Fishing 101 – Hook, Line and Sinker

Fishing with a bobber, hook, and sinker is one of the most common ways to fish. If you are relatively new to fishing, or haven’t fished in a long time, this is a great class to start with.

You’ll learn how to cast, how to bait your hook with a worm, how to set the hook when a fish bites, how to reel it in and even how to take the fish off the hook!

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(12 Available)

Fishing 102 – All About Spinners

Spinner baits are a very popular choice for anglers! They are very versatile and they catch all kinds of fish. You’ll learn which spinner baits are best for catching specific types of fish and where you should use them.

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(10 Available)

Fishing 103 – Nothing But Bass

Ready to move beyond catching bluegill? The All About Bass class will teach you the techniques to start catching big bass!  Bass are one of the most popular fish that anglers target, and with a few tips and tricks of the trade, you’ll be catching bass in no time! We’ll use big hooks, plastic baits, night crawlers and more – depending on the season.  You’ll learn which types of lures and rigs to use on different types of water and the best part…? You’ll probably catch a bass during your first class!  All equipment (rods, reels, lures and bait) are provided so no need to bring your own fishing pole.  These classes are held on private ponds and most of our time will be spent fishing!

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(9 Available)

Fishing Derby

Ready to test your skills against other anglers?  We hold occasional fishing tournaments on our local ponds. Longest Bluegill and longest Bass will take home something a little extra as winners in our derby!

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(10 Available)

Open Fishing

Open Fishing Night at Go Fish Academy is a fantastic way to enjoy a great fishing experience.  We provide all the equipment, including fishing poles, baits, bobbers and lures AND have experienced anglers on hand to give you advice and help you be successful! Come and experience “The Reel Deal Guarantee” – If you don’t catch a fish, your next class is free!

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(12 Available)

For more information, check out our courses above or visit our FAQ page.

Don’t Take Our Word for It. Listen to Those We’ve Hooked.

My first bass!
Bill, a satisfied individual fishing class customers

“Fishing was never part of my life and I had only done it a handful of times. Brad is a perfect teacher for the beginner…he has patience mixed with excellent technique. The experience was not only enjoyable, but I learned things that I can do on my own next i go out AND I actually caught fish!”

Bill M. – New Albany, OH

My boys loved it!
Vince & Owen, two satisfied family fishing class customers

“Thank you for helping us make these fun fishing memories with our kids! Our two boys, ages 8 and 6, had the best experience with Go Fish Academy and can’t wait to come back. Would highly recommend!”

Vince & Owen C. – Gahanna, OH

I caught one!

“Brad took me and siblings out to fish and I finally caught a nice fish!

Allison S. – Baltimore, OH