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Fishing Classes

These are all of the frequently asked questions associated with our Fishing Classes.

add_circle_outlineIs there a minimum age for classes?

I have not set a minimum age for classes, but if your child is 5 years old or younger, please be prepared to be a hands on helper.  Yes that means you might be handling worms and fish. Instructors will do their best to handle all the needs of the class, but there may be occasions where lots of things are happening at once. Also, remember that we are dealing with sharp objects (hooks) and will be on the edge of water. If you are concerned about your young one falling in, you are welcome to have your child wear a life jacket.  You know your child better we do, so please use your judgement in determining if the class will be a good fit.

add_circle_outlineIs there a discount for signing up multiple participants at the same time?

Yes.  When signing up multiple participants, you will automatically receive a 10% discount for each participant if you sign up two or more individuals. Discount is applied at checkout.

add_circle_outlineDo I need my own fishing pole and tackle for the classes?

While you are welcomed and encouraged to use your own equipment if you have it, we will have loaner poles and equipment that can be used for the duration of the class.  If you would prefer to purchase your own equipment before the course starts, check out our recommendations for a beginner fishing kit

add_circle_outlineDo Parents and Guardians have to pay the course fees?

Parents and Guardians who have an interest in learning the course material and desire to participate fully in the learning and fishing activities will be asked to pay the course fee.  (Note: we do offer a 10% discount for anyone who registers multiple participants for our courses.  This discount will automatically be applied when you checkout.

Parents and Guardian who are on location to be a spectator will not be asked to pay the course fees.

add_circle_outlineDo we need a fishing licenses to take the course?

In the State of Ohio, for the 2021 Season, children under the age of 16 DO NOT need a fishing license.  Anyone 16 years or older, who plans to participate in the act of fishing, will need a license.  Resident Licenses currently cost $25 for the full year.

MYTH: Many people think that if you are “catch and release” fishing (meaning you have no intention of keeping the fish for consumption and instead plan to release them back into the water)  you do not need a license.  This is NOT true, whether you are keeping your fish or releasing your fish, you DO need a license to fish. There is also a provision that exempts people from licensing if fishing on private ponds, but we will likely be fishing on public waters during the courses.

add_circle_outlineDoes a parent or guardian have to stay on location during the class?

We require parents or guardians to stay on site for any child that is in 5th grade or younger.  We strongly encourage parents or guardians to stay on site for children 6th grade and older because we want to encourage families to enjoy this experience together, but do not require it at this age.